Thursday, 5 December 2013

Week Overview

Monday- I had maths as per usual. Then I became little red riding hood, haha. I went to do some shopping for my grandma as she isn't very well :(

Tuesday- I had to do all my arts award home work and sort out my folder because it was all cluttered. Then I met my other grandma in town because I had to do christmas shopping whaay! Not long now:D Afterwards we walked up to arts award. I don't know if you know but there is a panto on every year in Nottingham. This year is peter pan and its got Su pollard, David Hasslehoff and Barney Harwood in! My college has a big drama room so the whole cast were rehearsing including the celebs! I met them all and spoke to them and got a photo with Su!!
i had to scribble out my face because i was doing  a huge cheesy smile and i looked strange..
Wednesday- why can't I remember what so ever what I did? HAHA.

Thursday- I have done some preparation for my science practical that I am going to do tomorrow. It's about teeth. We went to the butchers round the corner from my house and got a piece of bone. It took me ageeeeeeees to cut it up though because you have to cut them into small teeth like shapes. Then for the experiment, you soak them in different drinks, I have chosen, full fat coke, diet coke, an energy drink, apple juice and lemonade. You leave them in the drink overnight and then review what damage it has done to the "teeth".  Tomorrow I will finish the experiment and write up a conclusion.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hey there guys so its izzies bestfriend,shes in the shower,ginger hair dyes all over me anddddddd im bored.LOVE YA

Friday, 15 November 2013


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So a view over my week......

Monday-I spent doing maths, eugh & i still had homework! Haha.

Tuesday-After having much trouble trying to log on to my online photography course, I email the course people and it turns out there was a random 5 in the middle of my password, hence why I couldn't log on! Anyway I finished two of my 14 units in that course. I don't know if you remember how I was saying about my arts award class? But anyway I finished my practical project with the help of some very nice people. You should check out Lucy's blog "Lucy's blog link x"
writing love with sparklers!
Wednesday-I had 2 hours of dance rehearsals because I am going to perform at evolution dance show next week. I also did some Spanish and I finished off my Maths homework.

Thursday- I had another hour of dance and I wrote a review, which took a long time! (see previous post)

Friday- Today is film club and I just made some Irish soda bread. It's actually very easy to make, it its turned out OK, i think x

Thursday, 14 November 2013


WOW! I haven't posted for a month! Sorry! Today I have been busy writing a review for a show I went to see last weekend. Here you go;
Cirque Du Soleil
           On the 9th of November, I attended Cirque Du Soleil, Algeria. I went with my grandma when they performed at the Capital FM arena in Nottingham.
          Cirque Du Soleil have many different stage routines, Alegria, Totem and many more. Alegria, which is the show I saw, is classed as a contemporary circus. They have lots of different small performances in the show. They had trapeze artists, fire breathers, contortionists, clowns etc.
         I chose to go to this event because they are a very famous group of performers and it’s probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.
        The things I found the best were the trapeze artists, although they had safety ropes, it was still fascinating how they managed to do it. I love all the fast dynamics. Also, I found the clowns really amusing. There were 3 clowns altogether and they made some very simple routines, with no speech just noises, into really funny acts. My favourite was one about a paper aeroplane. I mean who would think you could make a good; laugh out loud stage show with a piece of paper?
         On the other hand, there wasn’t anything I strongly didn’t like however I did think the 2 girls contortionists act went on for too long but that’s probably because I prefer quick, dramatic things rather than slow, still acts.
        The show that I visited was at 4pm so it was full of mainly 40+ however I heard the later show was mainly 40 and below. Personally I would recommend it to anyone above the age of 10 because it has things for all ages to enjoy.
The next event I want to go and see is a concert! Again, at capital FM arena but this time, Jake Bugg is performing in February!

Cirque du Soleil, Reviewed by Izzie Shier

November 14th 2013

Monday, 14 October 2013

Last week

On Wednesday I went ice skating with the home ed group. I haven't been ice skating for a long time to say that I used to go every week! Where I live, It's been so cold and rainy :( I don't mind the cold because you can snuggle up warm in big jumpers, but I don't like rain. On Thursday I stayed at home and did an online grammar course. Friday was allotment day with Lucy. It was still raining. I mainly stayed in the greenhouse haha. Today is maths, in the rain. :(

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Arts Award.

So I just got back from my arts award. It was great. I've decided to do photography. I'm going to do it in the dark with glow sticks so it like blurs. I can't remember the actual name but this is an example.
Like this!

So that is what I'm aiming to do but more writing maybe? You basically just wave the glow sticks in the pattern you want and you have to slow down the shutter speed on the camera and take the photo. But it won't get dark at the right times until the end of October. So in the weeks whilst I'm waiting i'm going to make a stop motion video on my phone. this is one I made ages ago. I'm the ginger one haha. I learnt from that video that I moved my mouth to much so I'm going to try and keep my mouth in one position next time&try and keep the lighting the same because that was an issue in the Bruno mars video.

So until Christmas, I have to keep a journal type thing and document what I do. Then at the end I can read back through what I've done!x

This weeks plan!

Today I've got to cut out some bunting for my curtain  but I won't have a lot of time because we have to go out at lunch time. Then later tonight I'm going to "college" as dad calls it. But it sort of is college. I'm doing a arts award. You go every week, and choose what you want to spend your time doing, I've chosen photography, but you can do whatever from dancing to drawing. Then you study your chosen topic and do lots of research and practical lessons. Right now, I'm on bronze but you work your way up to gold and then at the end you get a qualification! I'm looking forward to starting it tonight!

Then i'm staying at my grandmas again tonight so tomorrow I can do some more sewing! On Wednesday, I'm going ice skating with my friends from home ed. We go the second Wednesday in every month. I used to go ice skating every week. I had lessons. But they were really expensive and they were very early on a sunday. I DON'T DO EARLY MORNINGS hahaha! The levels in ice skating go from 1 to 10 the bronze silver gold-dance and bronze silver gold-free. I did free till gold and then missed a fews weeks and then never really got back into it :(

On Friday I have film club. I'm not sure what we're watching but I'll let you know:) I think I'm going to try to get down to the allotment aswell with Lucy. You should check out her blog! We are going to do a blog about our allotment. ALLOTMENT BLOG. It's called urbanic allotment. Thats because its urban&organic!

Thanks for reading!xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Back to school.

WOW! Over 1000 page views, geeh, thanks! 
So I’ve been “back to school” for about 2 weeks now! I’ve started maths tuition on a Monday morning for an hour. We are working through a booklet and last Monday we we’re looking at prime factors. Also last night I went to the arts award which is a qualification. I’m doing my bronze at the minute and I basically go every week and complete this course, you can do anything from drawing, photography, drama what ever floats your boat haha. Bronze lasts until christmas. I am planning to do photography. I will tell you what I did in my lesson next week. 
Also on a Tuesday, in the day, i have a sewing lesson with my grandma. Yesterday I finished of my second patchwork quilt. It took us two or three lessons I think? I will post a picture later on. Next week, my plan is to make my curtains. The reasons for all the homely stuff is because i’m having my room redecorated at the minute so i’m trying to make alot of it myself. The curtains are just going to be plain cream with bunting,in materials that match, sewn on. 
Tomorrow, I am going to bosworth battle field to learn about the battle of bosworth, which I have frankly no clue about haha.
On Friday, I am going to the allotment with some friends. Our allotment is massive, over 700sm and it is VERY over grown! So we are recruiting some of the home ed lot to come and help us clear it, then when its all clear we can plant and grow lots of  yummy fruit and veg! The allotment already has a greenhouse, a strawberry bush, a blackberry bush, a apple tree, a potting shed, a shed, a room with chairs and a fire, a compost heap and lots of weeds on the side haha. It could be very amazing though!

Monday, 23 September 2013

So today I had maths tuition. It was great. Most of the stuff was just recapping stuff I already knew but hey, theres nothing wrong with that... Then I sorted out some pictures so I can do some scrapbooking soon. I have got my Wreck this journal on order to to unleash my creativity! WHOOO! Right now I'm at my grandma's for sewing tomorrow, I'm making things for my bedroom (which is being re-decorated vintage style). So come back tomorrow for another update xxxxxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Ever so sorry for not posting through out the summer holidays! I go back to "school" on the 23rd of September so will be post lots to make up for it!

This holiday I went to Cornwall on holiday, we had excellent weather! Also it was my birthday on the 26th of August (Whilst we were away). I got spoilt! My favourite present was my vintage typewriter! I also got some lush bath bombs, money, some lip balm, a holiday (I was aloud to take a friend), and some frames. As well as that I am doing up my bedroom in a vintage/hippie/campervan inspiration. 3 of the walls are going to be cream. I have a chimney breast in my room and that is going to wallpapered and the two alcoves either side are going to be a sort of duck egg colour. I am making anoth patchwork quilt with lovely florals, so there will be a picture of that up soon. Also I am making my own curtains. I am going to have a big wall with tons of pictures on on my family, friends and some quotes too. When all this is done I will post of picture of the end result!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Food swap.

Today, I went to a food swap. Its a charity based organisation and its completely free. You bring homemade, home grown, or foraged things to swap with others at the event. You taste people food and if you like it you write down your name on their item sheet. Then once evrybody has decided, you go to that person and ask if they want to swap for something of yours. Most of the time they do, but sometimes they don't. Check out Homegrown Exchange which is my aunties food swap project.
I made some flapjack to swap!

This was the venue!
I also made some bread rolls

And some elderflower cordial (don't worry its not alcohol!)

This is what I went home with today, YUM!

Friday, 28 June 2013

The workhouse.

Today, I visited the work house in Southwell, Nottingham. After watching the itv programme, the secrets of the workhouse, I was really interested to find out more about it. Basically, the work house was a last resort for the poor people, they went to the workhouse if they were homeless, starving or just extremely poor. Because there were no benefits, if you didn't have a good, well paid job, then you had nothing, Although it sounds like a nice place to go, the work house was feared. As soon as yo entered, all your clothes and personal belongs were taken away from you, you were separated from your loved ones and set to work for 10 hours a day. The women doing hours of grueling house work, cooking, cleaning, washing ect. Whilst the men decorated and broke stones. The children however got a good education and were taught life skills. The food wasn't very substantial or exciting. For breakfast they would normally have bread and gruel, gruel is a flour and oatmeal based liquid, sort of like porridge. For lunch it would be meat and potatoes and then for supper it would be some sort of broth. Doesn't sound very appetising but its certainly better than nothing.  Life was very hard in the workhouse and people would only go there if they really really had to. They say that an empty workhouse is a successful work house. That basically meant that people would do anything that they could to get themselves fed and watered and not have to go to the workhouse.

This is the workhouse, its huge!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Elder flower cordial.

So today, we held an ''event'' at our house for the home ed group. Previously my mum and auntie had been foraging at the stone bridge farm centre in Nottingham and they have special events on regularly. This particularly week it was elder flowering cordial making! Mum went along and after realising how easy it was, she decided to invite some people around to do it with us. Ju, my auntie, came to help and about 8 people turned up! The people that came were different ages, from about 6 to 15. I didn't know anybody but soon got to know them. Its crazy how many elderflower tress there are around when you know what your looking for! Like I said, the proccess is quite simple, have a go at home maybe! Its delicious.

Elderflower cordial
10 elderflower heads
500g of sugar
1 lemon zest
1 sliced lemon/orange
1 pint of boiling water

    1.    Pour the boiling water and sugar in to a big container/bowl.
    2.     Add the lemon (sliced and zested) and flower heads and stir gently.
    3.    Cover with a clean tea towel or muslin and leave to ferment overnight in a cool dry place. Stir regularly.
    4.    Strain through a fine sieve or through filter paper or a muslin .
    5.    Pour into a sterilised jar and refrigerate.

    6.    Dilute to taste.

It really is that simple and is so delicious. Unless you put a preservative in, citric acid, it will only last a few weeks in the fridge but you can freeze it for as long as you like really.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bits and Bobs.

So today I haven't done anything too exciting. I've just mainly been doung bits and bobs. I haven'treally  had much time to do much either because I was at my grandmas so the time it took to get home it was lunch time! I had to do some tidying to earn some money because I am going to France on Thursday with my old school as I paided for the trip so I can still go. Its just one day but the only bit I'm not looking forward to is the journey! BLEUGH. I get very bad travel sickness. So yeah, I did some cleaning and some sewing but I had to leave the house at 5pm to get to the chiropractor in time for my appointment. I got to the chiropractor as I have a twisted pelvis and snapping hip. Sounds scary but its not, its being treated well and I'm not in much pain anymore. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

sewing club week 1

Today was the first week of home ed sewing club. It was good and we made a zipper purse. I got a lot further than most people as I didn't need to go over all the basics. The purse is fully lined. Each session is 3 hours long and its for 6 weeks. Everybody who goes I already know from other clubs and it was nice to get to know people better.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


If you have read through my blog fully, you will understand that my mum has set up a charity, called Babysteps. 
^on this page it explains about what the purpose of the charity is. Anyway, on Saturday, it was babysteps first birthday! We held a party in nottingham to celebrate the first year success. All the money that was raised from paying a small fee for games,food and raffles all got donated back into the babysteps bank. All of the raffle prizes were donated, passes to wheel gate and white post farm; vouchers for antenatal classes and reflexolygy; also other bits and bobs including toys,beauty passes, chocolates and jewellery. Also, there were lots of games to play, bat the rat, where there is a drain pipe and the rat comes flying out the end and you have to bat it. Hook a duck, dosent really need explaining, you just hook a duck for a small prize! Teddy bear tombola, pay a small fee and win every time! Teddy bear hostpital, take in your poorly teddys to be sewn up, fixed or even if they just need a health check up. Plus there was a stall with 'nanny crafts' on. The last stall was pirate treasure and princess jewellery, 25p per item! But,you cant have a party with out cake? Can you!? There was LOADS of cake. 20p per slice! mmm...delicious. I dont have any pictures to upload right now because I am in town on my way to sewing club, I will put some on tomorrow x

Friday, 14 June 2013

Film Club!

Today, (Friday) I met up with the home education group again for film club. Most of the people I already knew from skating but there were a few new faces. The day consisted of watching films and eating! Ha. The film we watched was 'To kill a mocking bird' by Harper Lee. It was about a innocent black man (Tom Robinson) who was hated for being coloured basically. He got accused of rape and assault when really he was innocent. The father of the women he 'assaulted' was actually angry at his daughter for kissing Tom and the father was the one who assaulted his daughter. Obviously the daughter stuck up for her father ending up in terrible results. Don't want to say much more because I might give it away! Anyway, we had questions to answer about the film. Before we sat down to watch the film, we had lunch, inspired by southern America (where the film was shot). For the meal we all had to bring a different dish. There were lots of different things there but they all had to be vegetarian or vegan. Some of the things that were there were, sweetcorn fritters (which I made), corn on the cob, a potato salad which in the olden days got stewed until it was just sloppy stuff and fed to the black slaves, but this wouldn't of really appealed to young kids, haha.

Watch a snippet of the film, explaining it. Couldn't find a good trailer but this will do.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ice Skating

On Wednesday, I met up with the home education group and we went ice skating. I had a really good time and made some new friends that I had not previously met at Art club. I used to do Skate UK which is basically ice skating lessons. I got up to Grade Silver but then I missed a few weeks and haven't been back since. I really enjoyed my skating lessons but after failing to pass silver I was getting quite bored. However because of my lessons, I know quite a few tricks and could show off! hahaha. Joking. A lot of the girls from home ed go to skating lessons aswell, Amelia, Molly and Iona are in grade 7.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


today consisted of lots of different things whilst watching some amazing films. First  did some embroidery on my patchwork blanket and watched away we go. Then I did an GCSE ict test paper  whilst watching beauty and the beast. Then I did some spanish whilst watching elf!? Don't ask, I was in a good mood:)

also I made a yummy smoothie!🍹
4 strawberries🍓
2 large bananas🍌
a tablespoon of peanut butter🍴
a dash of maple syrup📍
and then add as much milk according to how thick or thin you want it.🍼
sewing,films and textbooks ✏✒✂📂📚

Monday, 10 June 2013

patchwork blanket

Today was my second patchwork sewing lesson. My blanket is almost complete! It didn't really take long and once you got going it was fairly easy to do. The only problems we had was mis-match squares, although we used a template,we couldn't be 100% sure on the accuracy. All I have left to do is embroid some pretty designs on the the patches for a nice touch.
above-nearly finished project.
below-sewing up the squares.

Friday, 7 June 2013


this morning i was doing some spanish and science. I really enjoy spanish and i would like to become better at it. Mum recently brought me some text and work books offline. They are really easy to understand and are quite simple and clear. 
        In science I did about cells, I didn't have a lot of time on this because i was going out with my dad to do some photography around nottingham.


yesterday I was busy helping my mum at Bumps Boutique. Its a non-profitable project which is part of the charity, Babysteps that my mum set up. Bumps Boutique is the first of many projects, its a maternity clothes libary in which expectantant/new mums can borrow dontated clothes for a small fee. Mum holds monthly events at kiddicare nottingham.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sewing Day With Grandma!

Every week I am going to have a sewing day with my grandma. She is an amazing sewer! After finishing Adelaide's fairy dress, I decided to make a patchwork quilt cover. However the prep takes so long! As I am making it for my double bed, we had to cut out around 80 squares! It took ages as you can probably imagine. But now I am ready to sew all the patches together which shouldn't take too long. Not holding my breath though;) 
There was no point getting the sewing machine out, but we had some spare time, so grandma taught me how to do a chain stitch which is useful for embroidery writing or making pretty flowers. Its quite a simple stitch and I think I've got the hang of it. Will post a picture tomorrow of my patchwork 'blanket'(which at the moment is a bunch of squares in a bag!) 


had a really great half term! Didn't do anything too exciting but it was nice just to relax,ahh. 
     Yesterday I carried on with my childcare and development book,reading the chapter,making notes and then answering the questions at the end. I did 1 and a half chapters. Also my mums asked me the read the first chapter of 'what every parent needs to know' its a book about your childs brain development. Its really interesting actually. I was asked to make notes and then mum is going to ask me some questions about it tomorrow. Also I did some really childcare! Looking after my niece for an hour or two. I really enjoy having her. She just so adorable. Whilst I had her, I went down to meet some of my friends from school. It was so nice to see them! After taking Adelaide home, I went to my grandmas house to sleep the night. She spoils me rotten;)

below, childcare work, watching the voice in the backgroud:O cheeky.

Friday, 24 May 2013


after making my soap, I sat down and read my childcare and development book. At the end of each chapter there is about 10 questions about what you have read. At the minute I am still on the development in the womb. I am enjoying it. When I'm older I either want to be in midwifery, childcare or do something medical. 

day 5 making soap.

Soap making!

Making the soaps, what a mess!
Today, I have been busy hand-making soaps. I made a lavender soap, purple with dried lavender inside. Also I made a  camomile soap with chamomile roman essence and dried chamomile flowers. Plus I made a clear soaps and put my spare blocks of coloured soaps inside so you could see the multi-colour through the clear. As well as that I  made a clear soap and put small animal rubbers inside! I think these are my favourite. I also had many soap colourings to use.  It was fairly easy, but the soap kept setting before I had chance to pour it! Next time I make soap I am going to use a steam to keep my soaps warm so they don't set. I really enjoyed making the soaps and I would of never of learnt how to do this at school!

Soaps when finished. Soaps with colours, soaps with animals rubbers
inside and a lavender love heart.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


We recently brought a allotment in basford. Its huge. 700 square metres. It needs alot of work but we are sharing it with the whole family. In the greenhouse we have planted tomatoes and chillies so far. Outside we have planted peas and potatoes. We have a potting shed, a compost heap, a wooden shed and a (soon to be)'cosy house' which has a ready made log burner inside! We plan to add a small park,for my niece so she doesn't get bored,more plants, a small orchard, wild flowers, a keyhole plant, chickens with a run and hut, a better greenhouse, improve the cosy house and tidy up the grounds. We also have around 8 raised beds! I am really looking forward to the future of the allotment. Growing my own fruit and veg to cook with. 

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, before any work had been started!

home education day 3.

today was really good. This morning I did photography theory. I learnt about ISO, aperture,shutter speed, white balance and photography history. Later, I visited the home education group. It was arts group. There were lots of different things to do including felting, painting, decorating, drawing, modelling. I really enjoyed it. 
            When my sister got home schooled a few years back, we met 2 sisters called Lucy and Evie. Arriving at the group I was shocked to see them there. After meeting them when I was around 9, me and Lucy became pen pals however we lost contact. It was really amazing to see her after all those years!:)
          Tomorrow, I am going to visit the library and take back old books and exchange them for new, interesting ones. After doing this, I am going to my grandmas house so she can teach me how to sew up the waist band on the skirt of my fairy dress. After this, my mum, grandma, auntie and I are going to visit our allotment, which is just round the corner from my grandmas. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Today I've mainly been sewing. I am still striving to make my niece a fairy party dress. The top is finished and the skirt is halfway there. Not long till its ready to be revealed!:) 
So far I am really enjoying my home schooling experiences. I get to learn more independently and learn what I enjoy. Its all based around me and my skills. 
Tomorrow, I will be visiting and joining the home schooling club. I think we are doing some fun activities tomorrow. I am excited but nervous about this. I am excited to be going to a social group but then nervous because its my first time and I might not fit in.

Monday, 20 May 2013

first day

so today was my first day of being home schooled. I really enjoyed myself. Firstly I went to my grandmas house to start a sewing project. I am going to make a fairy outfit for my 15month old niece, Adelaide. After running out of peach cotton, I decided to do some meal planning for the week, choosing to make spag bol and shepards pie as some of my main meals. Following my decisions, I went down to asda to do the weekly shop, with a budget. With the amount in mind I did my shopping succesfully and came in on target:) horay!x

last day....


Friday the 17th of may 2013.

 My last day at school was really sad. I knew I was making the right decision but I really didn't want to leave all of my bestmates. I am in year 8 and the past 2 years at my high school (Arnold hill) have been really bad. I haven't enjoyed it at all. Also I haven't learnt much. I felt like I had no one at school but then on Friday I realised how many people actually cared, how many people were so sad to see me go however I still thought it was the right decision to get home schooled. I realised that I could learn so much more, the world was at my feet. I could study things that I enjoy, like more complex sewing skills, cooking and photography which I didn't learn at school.