Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hey there guys so its izzies bestfriend,shes in the shower,ginger hair dyes all over me anddddddd im bored.LOVE YA

Friday, 15 November 2013


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So a view over my week......

Monday-I spent doing maths, eugh & i still had homework! Haha.

Tuesday-After having much trouble trying to log on to my online photography course, I email the course people and it turns out there was a random 5 in the middle of my password, hence why I couldn't log on! Anyway I finished two of my 14 units in that course. I don't know if you remember how I was saying about my arts award class? But anyway I finished my practical project with the help of some very nice people. You should check out Lucy's blog "Lucy's blog link x"
writing love with sparklers!
Wednesday-I had 2 hours of dance rehearsals because I am going to perform at evolution dance show next week. I also did some Spanish and I finished off my Maths homework.

Thursday- I had another hour of dance and I wrote a review, which took a long time! (see previous post)

Friday- Today is film club and I just made some Irish soda bread. It's actually very easy to make, it its turned out OK, i think x

Thursday, 14 November 2013


WOW! I haven't posted for a month! Sorry! Today I have been busy writing a review for a show I went to see last weekend. Here you go;
Cirque Du Soleil
           On the 9th of November, I attended Cirque Du Soleil, Algeria. I went with my grandma when they performed at the Capital FM arena in Nottingham.
          Cirque Du Soleil have many different stage routines, Alegria, Totem and many more. Alegria, which is the show I saw, is classed as a contemporary circus. They have lots of different small performances in the show. They had trapeze artists, fire breathers, contortionists, clowns etc.
         I chose to go to this event because they are a very famous group of performers and it’s probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.
        The things I found the best were the trapeze artists, although they had safety ropes, it was still fascinating how they managed to do it. I love all the fast dynamics. Also, I found the clowns really amusing. There were 3 clowns altogether and they made some very simple routines, with no speech just noises, into really funny acts. My favourite was one about a paper aeroplane. I mean who would think you could make a good; laugh out loud stage show with a piece of paper?
         On the other hand, there wasn’t anything I strongly didn’t like however I did think the 2 girls contortionists act went on for too long but that’s probably because I prefer quick, dramatic things rather than slow, still acts.
        The show that I visited was at 4pm so it was full of mainly 40+ however I heard the later show was mainly 40 and below. Personally I would recommend it to anyone above the age of 10 because it has things for all ages to enjoy.
The next event I want to go and see is a concert! Again, at capital FM arena but this time, Jake Bugg is performing in February!

Cirque du Soleil, Reviewed by Izzie Shier

November 14th 2013