Friday, 24 May 2013


after making my soap, I sat down and read my childcare and development book. At the end of each chapter there is about 10 questions about what you have read. At the minute I am still on the development in the womb. I am enjoying it. When I'm older I either want to be in midwifery, childcare or do something medical. 

day 5 making soap.

Soap making!

Making the soaps, what a mess!
Today, I have been busy hand-making soaps. I made a lavender soap, purple with dried lavender inside. Also I made a  camomile soap with chamomile roman essence and dried chamomile flowers. Plus I made a clear soaps and put my spare blocks of coloured soaps inside so you could see the multi-colour through the clear. As well as that I  made a clear soap and put small animal rubbers inside! I think these are my favourite. I also had many soap colourings to use.  It was fairly easy, but the soap kept setting before I had chance to pour it! Next time I make soap I am going to use a steam to keep my soaps warm so they don't set. I really enjoyed making the soaps and I would of never of learnt how to do this at school!

Soaps when finished. Soaps with colours, soaps with animals rubbers
inside and a lavender love heart.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


We recently brought a allotment in basford. Its huge. 700 square metres. It needs alot of work but we are sharing it with the whole family. In the greenhouse we have planted tomatoes and chillies so far. Outside we have planted peas and potatoes. We have a potting shed, a compost heap, a wooden shed and a (soon to be)'cosy house' which has a ready made log burner inside! We plan to add a small park,for my niece so she doesn't get bored,more plants, a small orchard, wild flowers, a keyhole plant, chickens with a run and hut, a better greenhouse, improve the cosy house and tidy up the grounds. We also have around 8 raised beds! I am really looking forward to the future of the allotment. Growing my own fruit and veg to cook with. 

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, before any work had been started!

home education day 3.

today was really good. This morning I did photography theory. I learnt about ISO, aperture,shutter speed, white balance and photography history. Later, I visited the home education group. It was arts group. There were lots of different things to do including felting, painting, decorating, drawing, modelling. I really enjoyed it. 
            When my sister got home schooled a few years back, we met 2 sisters called Lucy and Evie. Arriving at the group I was shocked to see them there. After meeting them when I was around 9, me and Lucy became pen pals however we lost contact. It was really amazing to see her after all those years!:)
          Tomorrow, I am going to visit the library and take back old books and exchange them for new, interesting ones. After doing this, I am going to my grandmas house so she can teach me how to sew up the waist band on the skirt of my fairy dress. After this, my mum, grandma, auntie and I are going to visit our allotment, which is just round the corner from my grandmas. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Today I've mainly been sewing. I am still striving to make my niece a fairy party dress. The top is finished and the skirt is halfway there. Not long till its ready to be revealed!:) 
So far I am really enjoying my home schooling experiences. I get to learn more independently and learn what I enjoy. Its all based around me and my skills. 
Tomorrow, I will be visiting and joining the home schooling club. I think we are doing some fun activities tomorrow. I am excited but nervous about this. I am excited to be going to a social group but then nervous because its my first time and I might not fit in.

Monday, 20 May 2013

first day

so today was my first day of being home schooled. I really enjoyed myself. Firstly I went to my grandmas house to start a sewing project. I am going to make a fairy outfit for my 15month old niece, Adelaide. After running out of peach cotton, I decided to do some meal planning for the week, choosing to make spag bol and shepards pie as some of my main meals. Following my decisions, I went down to asda to do the weekly shop, with a budget. With the amount in mind I did my shopping succesfully and came in on target:) horay!x

last day....


Friday the 17th of may 2013.

 My last day at school was really sad. I knew I was making the right decision but I really didn't want to leave all of my bestmates. I am in year 8 and the past 2 years at my high school (Arnold hill) have been really bad. I haven't enjoyed it at all. Also I haven't learnt much. I felt like I had no one at school but then on Friday I realised how many people actually cared, how many people were so sad to see me go however I still thought it was the right decision to get home schooled. I realised that I could learn so much more, the world was at my feet. I could study things that I enjoy, like more complex sewing skills, cooking and photography which I didn't learn at school.