Monday, 14 October 2013

Last week

On Wednesday I went ice skating with the home ed group. I haven't been ice skating for a long time to say that I used to go every week! Where I live, It's been so cold and rainy :( I don't mind the cold because you can snuggle up warm in big jumpers, but I don't like rain. On Thursday I stayed at home and did an online grammar course. Friday was allotment day with Lucy. It was still raining. I mainly stayed in the greenhouse haha. Today is maths, in the rain. :(

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Arts Award.

So I just got back from my arts award. It was great. I've decided to do photography. I'm going to do it in the dark with glow sticks so it like blurs. I can't remember the actual name but this is an example.
Like this!

So that is what I'm aiming to do but more writing maybe? You basically just wave the glow sticks in the pattern you want and you have to slow down the shutter speed on the camera and take the photo. But it won't get dark at the right times until the end of October. So in the weeks whilst I'm waiting i'm going to make a stop motion video on my phone. this is one I made ages ago. I'm the ginger one haha. I learnt from that video that I moved my mouth to much so I'm going to try and keep my mouth in one position next time&try and keep the lighting the same because that was an issue in the Bruno mars video.

So until Christmas, I have to keep a journal type thing and document what I do. Then at the end I can read back through what I've done!x

This weeks plan!

Today I've got to cut out some bunting for my curtain  but I won't have a lot of time because we have to go out at lunch time. Then later tonight I'm going to "college" as dad calls it. But it sort of is college. I'm doing a arts award. You go every week, and choose what you want to spend your time doing, I've chosen photography, but you can do whatever from dancing to drawing. Then you study your chosen topic and do lots of research and practical lessons. Right now, I'm on bronze but you work your way up to gold and then at the end you get a qualification! I'm looking forward to starting it tonight!

Then i'm staying at my grandmas again tonight so tomorrow I can do some more sewing! On Wednesday, I'm going ice skating with my friends from home ed. We go the second Wednesday in every month. I used to go ice skating every week. I had lessons. But they were really expensive and they were very early on a sunday. I DON'T DO EARLY MORNINGS hahaha! The levels in ice skating go from 1 to 10 the bronze silver gold-dance and bronze silver gold-free. I did free till gold and then missed a fews weeks and then never really got back into it :(

On Friday I have film club. I'm not sure what we're watching but I'll let you know:) I think I'm going to try to get down to the allotment aswell with Lucy. You should check out her blog! We are going to do a blog about our allotment. ALLOTMENT BLOG. It's called urbanic allotment. Thats because its urban&organic!

Thanks for reading!xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Back to school.

WOW! Over 1000 page views, geeh, thanks! 
So I’ve been “back to school” for about 2 weeks now! I’ve started maths tuition on a Monday morning for an hour. We are working through a booklet and last Monday we we’re looking at prime factors. Also last night I went to the arts award which is a qualification. I’m doing my bronze at the minute and I basically go every week and complete this course, you can do anything from drawing, photography, drama what ever floats your boat haha. Bronze lasts until christmas. I am planning to do photography. I will tell you what I did in my lesson next week. 
Also on a Tuesday, in the day, i have a sewing lesson with my grandma. Yesterday I finished of my second patchwork quilt. It took us two or three lessons I think? I will post a picture later on. Next week, my plan is to make my curtains. The reasons for all the homely stuff is because i’m having my room redecorated at the minute so i’m trying to make alot of it myself. The curtains are just going to be plain cream with bunting,in materials that match, sewn on. 
Tomorrow, I am going to bosworth battle field to learn about the battle of bosworth, which I have frankly no clue about haha.
On Friday, I am going to the allotment with some friends. Our allotment is massive, over 700sm and it is VERY over grown! So we are recruiting some of the home ed lot to come and help us clear it, then when its all clear we can plant and grow lots of  yummy fruit and veg! The allotment already has a greenhouse, a strawberry bush, a blackberry bush, a apple tree, a potting shed, a shed, a room with chairs and a fire, a compost heap and lots of weeds on the side haha. It could be very amazing though!