Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Arts Award.

So I just got back from my arts award. It was great. I've decided to do photography. I'm going to do it in the dark with glow sticks so it like blurs. I can't remember the actual name but this is an example.
Like this!

So that is what I'm aiming to do but more writing maybe? You basically just wave the glow sticks in the pattern you want and you have to slow down the shutter speed on the camera and take the photo. But it won't get dark at the right times until the end of October. So in the weeks whilst I'm waiting i'm going to make a stop motion video on my phone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wKZ7Q7uld4 this is one I made ages ago. I'm the ginger one haha. I learnt from that video that I moved my mouth to much so I'm going to try and keep my mouth in one position next time&try and keep the lighting the same because that was an issue in the Bruno mars video.

So until Christmas, I have to keep a journal type thing and document what I do. Then at the end I can read back through what I've done!x

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