Tuesday, 8 October 2013

This weeks plan!

Today I've got to cut out some bunting for my curtain  but I won't have a lot of time because we have to go out at lunch time. Then later tonight I'm going to "college" as dad calls it. But it sort of is college. I'm doing a arts award. You go every week, and choose what you want to spend your time doing, I've chosen photography, but you can do whatever from dancing to drawing. Then you study your chosen topic and do lots of research and practical lessons. Right now, I'm on bronze but you work your way up to gold and then at the end you get a qualification! I'm looking forward to starting it tonight!

Then i'm staying at my grandmas again tonight so tomorrow I can do some more sewing! On Wednesday, I'm going ice skating with my friends from home ed. We go the second Wednesday in every month. I used to go ice skating every week. I had lessons. But they were really expensive and they were very early on a sunday. I DON'T DO EARLY MORNINGS hahaha! The levels in ice skating go from 1 to 10 the bronze silver gold-dance and bronze silver gold-free. I did free till gold and then missed a fews weeks and then never really got back into it :(

On Friday I have film club. I'm not sure what we're watching but I'll let you know:) I think I'm going to try to get down to the allotment aswell with Lucy. You should check out her blog! http://lu-abitofeverything.blogspot.co.uk/ We are going to do a blog about our allotment. ALLOTMENT BLOG. It's called urbanic allotment. Thats because its urban&organic!

Thanks for reading!xxxxxxxxxx

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