Monday, 23 September 2013

So today I had maths tuition. It was great. Most of the stuff was just recapping stuff I already knew but hey, theres nothing wrong with that... Then I sorted out some pictures so I can do some scrapbooking soon. I have got my Wreck this journal on order to to unleash my creativity! WHOOO! Right now I'm at my grandma's for sewing tomorrow, I'm making things for my bedroom (which is being re-decorated vintage style). So come back tomorrow for another update xxxxxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Ever so sorry for not posting through out the summer holidays! I go back to "school" on the 23rd of September so will be post lots to make up for it!

This holiday I went to Cornwall on holiday, we had excellent weather! Also it was my birthday on the 26th of August (Whilst we were away). I got spoilt! My favourite present was my vintage typewriter! I also got some lush bath bombs, money, some lip balm, a holiday (I was aloud to take a friend), and some frames. As well as that I am doing up my bedroom in a vintage/hippie/campervan inspiration. 3 of the walls are going to be cream. I have a chimney breast in my room and that is going to wallpapered and the two alcoves either side are going to be a sort of duck egg colour. I am making anoth patchwork quilt with lovely florals, so there will be a picture of that up soon. Also I am making my own curtains. I am going to have a big wall with tons of pictures on on my family, friends and some quotes too. When all this is done I will post of picture of the end result!