Thursday, 12 September 2013


Ever so sorry for not posting through out the summer holidays! I go back to "school" on the 23rd of September so will be post lots to make up for it!

This holiday I went to Cornwall on holiday, we had excellent weather! Also it was my birthday on the 26th of August (Whilst we were away). I got spoilt! My favourite present was my vintage typewriter! I also got some lush bath bombs, money, some lip balm, a holiday (I was aloud to take a friend), and some frames. As well as that I am doing up my bedroom in a vintage/hippie/campervan inspiration. 3 of the walls are going to be cream. I have a chimney breast in my room and that is going to wallpapered and the two alcoves either side are going to be a sort of duck egg colour. I am making anoth patchwork quilt with lovely florals, so there will be a picture of that up soon. Also I am making my own curtains. I am going to have a big wall with tons of pictures on on my family, friends and some quotes too. When all this is done I will post of picture of the end result!

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