Wednesday, 22 May 2013

home education day 3.

today was really good. This morning I did photography theory. I learnt about ISO, aperture,shutter speed, white balance and photography history. Later, I visited the home education group. It was arts group. There were lots of different things to do including felting, painting, decorating, drawing, modelling. I really enjoyed it. 
            When my sister got home schooled a few years back, we met 2 sisters called Lucy and Evie. Arriving at the group I was shocked to see them there. After meeting them when I was around 9, me and Lucy became pen pals however we lost contact. It was really amazing to see her after all those years!:)
          Tomorrow, I am going to visit the library and take back old books and exchange them for new, interesting ones. After doing this, I am going to my grandmas house so she can teach me how to sew up the waist band on the skirt of my fairy dress. After this, my mum, grandma, auntie and I are going to visit our allotment, which is just round the corner from my grandmas. 

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