Friday, 15 November 2013


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So a view over my week......

Monday-I spent doing maths, eugh & i still had homework! Haha.

Tuesday-After having much trouble trying to log on to my online photography course, I email the course people and it turns out there was a random 5 in the middle of my password, hence why I couldn't log on! Anyway I finished two of my 14 units in that course. I don't know if you remember how I was saying about my arts award class? But anyway I finished my practical project with the help of some very nice people. You should check out Lucy's blog "Lucy's blog link x"
writing love with sparklers!
Wednesday-I had 2 hours of dance rehearsals because I am going to perform at evolution dance show next week. I also did some Spanish and I finished off my Maths homework.

Thursday- I had another hour of dance and I wrote a review, which took a long time! (see previous post)

Friday- Today is film club and I just made some Irish soda bread. It's actually very easy to make, it its turned out OK, i think x

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