Tuesday, 4 June 2013


had a really great half term! Didn't do anything too exciting but it was nice just to relax,ahh. 
     Yesterday I carried on with my childcare and development book,reading the chapter,making notes and then answering the questions at the end. I did 1 and a half chapters. Also my mums asked me the read the first chapter of 'what every parent needs to know' its a book about your childs brain development. Its really interesting actually. I was asked to make notes and then mum is going to ask me some questions about it tomorrow. Also I did some really childcare! Looking after my niece for an hour or two. I really enjoy having her. She just so adorable. Whilst I had her, I went down to meet some of my friends from school. It was so nice to see them! After taking Adelaide home, I went to my grandmas house to sleep the night. She spoils me rotten;)

below, childcare work, watching the voice in the backgroud:O cheeky.

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