Thursday, 27 June 2013

Elder flower cordial.

So today, we held an ''event'' at our house for the home ed group. Previously my mum and auntie had been foraging at the stone bridge farm centre in Nottingham and they have special events on regularly. This particularly week it was elder flowering cordial making! Mum went along and after realising how easy it was, she decided to invite some people around to do it with us. Ju, my auntie, came to help and about 8 people turned up! The people that came were different ages, from about 6 to 15. I didn't know anybody but soon got to know them. Its crazy how many elderflower tress there are around when you know what your looking for! Like I said, the proccess is quite simple, have a go at home maybe! Its delicious.

Elderflower cordial
10 elderflower heads
500g of sugar
1 lemon zest
1 sliced lemon/orange
1 pint of boiling water

    1.    Pour the boiling water and sugar in to a big container/bowl.
    2.     Add the lemon (sliced and zested) and flower heads and stir gently.
    3.    Cover with a clean tea towel or muslin and leave to ferment overnight in a cool dry place. Stir regularly.
    4.    Strain through a fine sieve or through filter paper or a muslin .
    5.    Pour into a sterilised jar and refrigerate.

    6.    Dilute to taste.

It really is that simple and is so delicious. Unless you put a preservative in, citric acid, it will only last a few weeks in the fridge but you can freeze it for as long as you like really.

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