Sunday, 16 June 2013


If you have read through my blog fully, you will understand that my mum has set up a charity, called Babysteps. 
^on this page it explains about what the purpose of the charity is. Anyway, on Saturday, it was babysteps first birthday! We held a party in nottingham to celebrate the first year success. All the money that was raised from paying a small fee for games,food and raffles all got donated back into the babysteps bank. All of the raffle prizes were donated, passes to wheel gate and white post farm; vouchers for antenatal classes and reflexolygy; also other bits and bobs including toys,beauty passes, chocolates and jewellery. Also, there were lots of games to play, bat the rat, where there is a drain pipe and the rat comes flying out the end and you have to bat it. Hook a duck, dosent really need explaining, you just hook a duck for a small prize! Teddy bear tombola, pay a small fee and win every time! Teddy bear hostpital, take in your poorly teddys to be sewn up, fixed or even if they just need a health check up. Plus there was a stall with 'nanny crafts' on. The last stall was pirate treasure and princess jewellery, 25p per item! But,you cant have a party with out cake? Can you!? There was LOADS of cake. 20p per slice! mmm...delicious. I dont have any pictures to upload right now because I am in town on my way to sewing club, I will put some on tomorrow x

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