Friday, 14 June 2013

Film Club!

Today, (Friday) I met up with the home education group again for film club. Most of the people I already knew from skating but there were a few new faces. The day consisted of watching films and eating! Ha. The film we watched was 'To kill a mocking bird' by Harper Lee. It was about a innocent black man (Tom Robinson) who was hated for being coloured basically. He got accused of rape and assault when really he was innocent. The father of the women he 'assaulted' was actually angry at his daughter for kissing Tom and the father was the one who assaulted his daughter. Obviously the daughter stuck up for her father ending up in terrible results. Don't want to say much more because I might give it away! Anyway, we had questions to answer about the film. Before we sat down to watch the film, we had lunch, inspired by southern America (where the film was shot). For the meal we all had to bring a different dish. There were lots of different things there but they all had to be vegetarian or vegan. Some of the things that were there were, sweetcorn fritters (which I made), corn on the cob, a potato salad which in the olden days got stewed until it was just sloppy stuff and fed to the black slaves, but this wouldn't of really appealed to young kids, haha.

Watch a snippet of the film, explaining it. Couldn't find a good trailer but this will do.

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