Thursday, 5 December 2013

Week Overview

Monday- I had maths as per usual. Then I became little red riding hood, haha. I went to do some shopping for my grandma as she isn't very well :(

Tuesday- I had to do all my arts award home work and sort out my folder because it was all cluttered. Then I met my other grandma in town because I had to do christmas shopping whaay! Not long now:D Afterwards we walked up to arts award. I don't know if you know but there is a panto on every year in Nottingham. This year is peter pan and its got Su pollard, David Hasslehoff and Barney Harwood in! My college has a big drama room so the whole cast were rehearsing including the celebs! I met them all and spoke to them and got a photo with Su!!
i had to scribble out my face because i was doing  a huge cheesy smile and i looked strange..
Wednesday- why can't I remember what so ever what I did? HAHA.

Thursday- I have done some preparation for my science practical that I am going to do tomorrow. It's about teeth. We went to the butchers round the corner from my house and got a piece of bone. It took me ageeeeeeees to cut it up though because you have to cut them into small teeth like shapes. Then for the experiment, you soak them in different drinks, I have chosen, full fat coke, diet coke, an energy drink, apple juice and lemonade. You leave them in the drink overnight and then review what damage it has done to the "teeth".  Tomorrow I will finish the experiment and write up a conclusion.

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